The Yield key partner in Food Agility Cooperative Research Center

Today the Minister for Innovation, Greg Hunt, announced that the $150 million Food Agility Cooperative Research Center bid has been  shortlisted for funding

The vision of the Food Agility CRC is to empower Australia's food industry to grow its comparative advantage through use of digital technology. The bid is led by the Food Agility consortium which brings together the food industry, big technology and service providers, researchers along with state and federal governments. The consortium will now submit a full business case and proposal.

Mike Briers, CEO of the Food Agility CRC, said 'We are delighted to have been selected. The future of food is digital. The Food Agility CRC will create a focused effort to accelerate the benefits for Australia from harnessing consumer insight, to reducing the cost of compliance with food safety standards, to increasing access to finance through  better handling of risk, to creating the knowledge workforce that will drive the future of the industry'. 

Ros Harvey, The Yield Managing Director said 'The Yield is a driving force in the consortium. Working with our customers and  partners - Bosch, Microsoft and Intel - we will define business problems, provide the data and the commercial-grade technology, and a pathway for rapid commercialization. This frees researchers  to focus on what they do best. Solving problems rather than collecting data.'

The announcement follows a highly-competitive process for Federal Government support for long-term research efforts.