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The Yield's Tasmanian Oyster Trial


The Yield is conducting a 12 month trial of its oyster solution in Tasmania. This page answer some common questions about the trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I have to pay anything for the trial?

No. The trial is sponsored by DPIPWE and paid for by Microsoft, The Yield and Accelerating Commercialization. Accelerating Commercialisation is a federal government program to support innovative companies like The Yield. 

2. How long is the trial?

The trial is for 12 months until 20th September 2017.

3.  What happens at the end of the trial?

Three months prior to the end of the trial, The Yield will discuss with the Tasmanian Government and your industry representatives as to  whether they would like to continue with the real-time sensing data services and the regulatory/ industry software. Sensing stations will be removed if there is no on-going need. If there is a need then a contract would be entered into on commercial terms. There is no obligation  to buy the service. 

The cost of The Yield's sensing solution in a harvest area depends on the number of stations required and the number of growers. The cost is shared by the growers. We can give you a quote for your area.

4. Who owns the data? 

Your own your farm data. Farm data is the data created when  you use the harvest management functionality to record grading, harvesting and mortality details. You own this data.

The data from the sensing stations is owned by The Yield as we own the sensing stations. 

5. Who can see the  data? 

Only you can see your own farm data.

All growers with a lease in a harvest area in an estuary can see the sensing data from that estuary. If you have leases in multiple estuaries you will be able to see sensing data for all estuaries in which you have a lease. This information is provided to The Yield by TSQAP.

TSQAP can see the sensing data from all the harvest areas. They cannot see your farm data. The Yield will not give them access to this data unless you expressly give permission or we are ordered to by a court.

The Yield can give researchers from publicly funded research organisations access to the data for research purposes but only if they sign an agreement to protect your confidentiality.

6. Can I get a copy of the data?

Yes. You can ask us to send you your data. A  .CSV copy of the data will be provided.

7.  What happens to the data after the trial?

We will delete any farm data from our systems.

8. Can I opt out of the trial?

Yes. You can ask us if you would like to be removed from the trial. We will remove you name and contact details from our systems. You will not be able to access the software.

9. Will TSQAP use the data to open and close harvesting?

The Yield has built a separate software application for TSQAP to administer opening and closing of harvest closures. It has been designed to make TSQAP more efficient and to provide a better service to growers. It shows all environmental management criterion that TSQAP uses to manage your harvest areas.  This includes weather data from BOM, river flow data from WIST as well as the data from The Yield's sensing stations in the trial. TSQAP staff make the decision on opening and closing based on the data they can see. This means that if a harvest area does not have a sensing station then TSQAP will operate like it always has. For sensors to be used by the regulator, TSQAP determines were the sensors are located. The sensors are only one form of information and TSQAP has overriding capability to make program decisions based on other information that TSQAP utilises top make informed management decisions (i.e sewage spills, biotoxins…).

10. Do I have to maintain or clean the sensing station?

No. The Yield installs, services and maintains the sensing stations. The are designed to only need servicing once a year. Please do not remove them from the water. Once a quarter we will take a water sample and verify readings against a lab test.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions or are having any issues please get in contact - the best way is to drop us an email at help@theyield.com.