Growing conditions on your farm. Today, tomorrow, and the week ahead

Sensing+™ is an integrated system combining sensors, analytics and apps. Designed in collaboration with growers, it provides the information you need to make the right calls, at the right time.

Suitable for

Irrigated Annuals
Irrigated Perennials
Protected Cropping
Pastoral & Grazing

Turning instinct
into evidence

We know growers rely on a mix of experience, opinion and assorted apps to make decisions. It’s a balancing act that you manage 365 days a year.

Sensing+™ isn’t measuring from a weather station 10, 20 or 100 kilometres down the road and leaving you to calculate the difference. It’s recording growing conditions under your feet, and converting data into on-farm microclimate predictions that can help you plan activities with confidence. 

Will the rain hold off long enough to get a spray on?
Is the wind speed or direction going to affect tomorrow’s schedule?
Did I record yesterday’s planting?

With all this information safely housed in Sensing+™ you can have an unprecedented insight into the unique microclimates on your farm – without the constant stress of checking different sources. 

Most importantly, Sensing+™ frees you up to get on with other jobs instead of spending your time chasing information. Using notifications and by setting custom thresholds, information comes to you, as you need to know it.

How it

Sensing+™ is a sensor, analytics and app ecosystem that supports the natural ecosystem in your environment. It measures the things that matter – from rainfall, temperature and air pressure to leaf wetness, soil moisture and relative humidity, before converting information using analytics and artificial intelligence.

Insights are delivered to your Sensing+™ app as current, past and future 7-day on-farm microclimate predictions, which help you to: 

  • Make faster, more accurate decisions around when to harvest, irrigate, plant, feed and protect your crops
  • Free up your time by reducing manual checks and balances, or time spent interpreting data from a  weather station.
  • Set custom notifications and thresholds so information comes to you
  • Mitigate weather uncertainty by receiving on-farm conditions in advance.

Reliable technology

Sensing+™ is an agricultural technology solution that combines hardware, software and user-friendly apps. It is available for use in agriculture and aquaculture, and is a flexible, modular solution that can grow with your needs. 

Sensing+™ hardware is manufactured and assembled by leading engineers at Bosch, and is proven to stand up to a unique range of microclimates. 

The Yield has a team of certified installers who install and maintain your hardware.

Your data is securely housed in the cloud with Microsoft Azure, a world-class Internet of Things (IoT) platform. 

Solution support is provided by The Yield via an online portal and backed by a service level commitment.

Our Commitment

The Yield will continue working side-by-side with growers to design our products, because we are committed to solving real problems with our technology. We also install and support our solution,
so it’s one less thing you need to worry about.

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"“We had a dry period early last year, which led to us increasing water. A lot of that decision was made on gut feel. But Sensing+™ will be able to tell us more accurately. Having that ability during growing season is critical."
Matt Pooley, Pooley’s Wines, Tasmania
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