Microclimate matters

Know your microclimate with integrated farm sensing, analysis and predictions.

We can’t predict mother nature...

but we can help you understand her moods.

Grower-Centric Design
Your Farm’s Microclimate
End to End Ecosystem
Data-Driven Decision making
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No one knows the land better than growers.

We simply provide the tools you need to make the right calls, at the right time. Find out more about our integrated farm-sensing and analytics system, Sensing+.


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The Yield app gives you public weather data from a grower’s perspective. We apply data science to provide all the growing conditions you need, from water balance and evapotranspiration (ETo) to temperature and wind activity. Includes 7-day forecast for ETo, shown as water surplus or deficit.

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The Yield currently has five exciting roles available in our Sydney-based Product Development Team. This is a fantastic opportunity to work on innovative technology, with great people, in a flexible and diverse environment.

If you're passionate and experienced in the fields of Data Science, Quality Assurance, Applications, Software and Systems Engineering, visit our Jobs page to learn more. 

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“As a grower, it has always been difficult to have concrete data to hang your hat on. With this technology, more instantaneous decisions can be made, and be more accurate."

Matt Pooley

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