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Food Agility CRC

The Yield is a lead partner of the recently formed Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre in Australia.


Digital technology has a major role to play when it comes to increasing efficiency across the food chain and decreasing waste. Despite global trends, a 2016 report by the Australian Farm Institute found that Australia is lagging behind other nations in broadly applying digital solutions to farming and food production. 

The Food Agility CRC brings together 54 members from across the food, technology and research sectors, under a shared goal to empower the Australian food industry through digital transformation. 

As a Food Agility lead partner, and as passionate advocates for AgTech innovation in Australia, The Yield is excited by the potential benefits the program can bring to local industry – from growers through to consumers. 


Projects will be led by industry partners like The Yield, and will range from creating digital tools to help food producers understand market trends, new technology and analytics models for optimising animal welfare and food safety, and using data to help growers make better decisions.

Food Agility seeks strong engagement from growers in defining problems or challenges to ensure that projects address real business needs.

Visit the Food Agility website to learn more. 

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