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The Digital Playbook is our customers’ blueprint on how to grow, distribute and sell more profitably and with less environmental impact. They can also use it to scale faster and reduce climate risk.

Digital Playbooks deliver a set of recommendations in easy to use apps used by on-farm operation teams to irrigate, feed, plant, protect crops, and harvest to get the best yields.  Our customers can adjust their Digital Playbooks to capture their own best practice.

Digital Playbooks automatically adjust for local weather conditions. By adding our patented microclimate predictions we can double the precision allowing our customers to do more with less.

We use AI to accurately forecast yield as part of their Digital Playbooks. This allows our customers to optimise their supply chain to get the best prices and reduce food waste.

We're working with robots and autonomous systems to action the Digital Playbook recommendations and return that data back into our models. This is the future for continuous improvement with AI.

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Doing More With Less

Customer Best Practice plus our analytics
Customer best practice
plus our analytics
Microclimate weather plus patented AI generated microclimate predictions
Microclimate weather plus patented AI-generated microclimate predictions.
Up to double the precision
for irrigation, safe spraying, nutrition and harvesting - improving yields, reducing environmental impact, and weather-related risk.

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