How will you celebrate #AgDayAU 2021?


How will you celebrate National Agriculture Day on Friday 19 November?

The theme of this AgDay is 'Choose your #AgVenture', a celebration of the many fabulous and fulfilling career opportunities in agriculture: from mustering cattle in the Top End; to developing the next breakthrough wheat variety.

There are no limits to how you can celebrate #AgDAU. Start planning now to gather your family, friends or work mates to mark the day!

Here are our top 6 suggested ways to get involved in #AgDayAU 2021:

  1. Post a social media tribute to your very own ag job, tagging #AgDayAU & #AgVenture.
  2. Register your bespoke #AgDayAU (COVID Safe) event to receive an #AgDay gift pack.
  3. Shop the I Love Farmers 2021 collection and show your support for our farmers all year round.
  4. Learn about the many ag career pathways by registering for the #AgVenture Careers Expo.
  5. Enter the #AgVenture Photo Competition. Submit a fab photo of ag in action for the chance to win 1 of 6 great cash prizes.
  6. Connect your primary school directly to a farmer in the paddock, tractor or dairy with Farmer Time.

To find out more visit See #AgDayAU Supporters Kit here. Cover image courtesy of Zoe Schaeffer.

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