Application Strategy Summit NSW 2023


The Application Strategy Summit will be held at Doltone House Darling Island, Sydney, on 16 February 2023.

Chris Mendes, our CTO, will feature as a panellist in the first keynote session titled, "Defining your application strategy in line with organisational priorities".

About the event

Applications permeate our lives on a day to day basis. From the way we receive and interact with products, to the way organisations build out internal and customer facing services on their infrastructure, applications have become an integral part of the increasingly digital economy.

Aligning application strategy with your organizational intent and goals is a crucial component to success as an initial step at a strategic level.

The technical challenge then becomes creating a fit for purpose architecture at a microservices level, integrating your applications through API’s and deciding the best route on whether to ‘buy or build’. The Application Strategy Summit will bring together senior technology, engineering, architecture and application leaders for discussions on setting your path to application success and creating the right developer culture to keep pace with the changing application landscape.

Who Attends
  • Heads of Applications
  • Heads of Technology
  • Heads of Engineering
  • Heads of Architecture
  • Heads of Software Engineering
  • Heads of Product

For more details and to register please click here.

World image courtesy of NASA via unsplash.

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