Australian Avocados showcased on international stage


Hort Innovation and Avocados Australia have partnered on a flagship trade development project to create a video that highlights the quality of the fruit for export markets. A range of growers contributed by allowing their farms to be used to showcase avocado production.

The video was presented at Asia Fruit Logistica 2022 and at several events across Malaysia and Singapore, creating traction for Australian Avocados on the international stage.

What’s it all about?

Beginning in 2021, this investment is tasked with bolstering industry readiness, knowledge and technical capabilities around export, and delivering work to improve and maintain international market access. Specifically, the project supports the role of an Export Development Manager who will work to help avocado growers take advantage of existing, new and emerging export opportunities.

At a broad level, project work for the Export Development Manager will involve:

Promoting an export culture within the avocado industry and building capacity through:

  • Providing technical input into iTAP and HEICC meetings
  • Export-related communications to growers via channels such as Talking Avocados magazine and the Best Practice Resource Export Module
  • Developing case studies to promote export-readiness
  • Delivering regional export forums in main production regions and presenting at other existing industry forums and meetings.

Maintaining and improving trade development and market access through:

  • Providing input into the maintenance and implementation of an Avocado Industry Export Strategy
  • Developing market access applications
  • Supporting the development of R&D investment related to market access
  • Supporting technical market access protocols
  • Ensuring growers have access to up-to-date MRL data
  • Delivering market access training, registration and auditing
  • Conducting a range of country-specific activities to promote export
  • Supporting the Taste Australia International Trade Program.

See the full article here. See the video here.

Image courtesy of Bethany Randall via unsplash.

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