The Yield and Microsoft: Azure in Action


Azure in Action is a monthly, digital event series which brings together Microsoft Azure customers, partners and internal Microsoft experts. The aim is to showcase the best of innovation on Azure across Australia and New Zealand so that the audience walks away with new ways in which they can transform their existing architectures.

The session, which aired on 31 March, featured Chris Mendes, our CTO, and Franc Carter, a Data and Systems Architect in our Software Engineering Team, to talk out The Yield and how we use Microsoft Azure.

The session covered:

  • How sustainable transformation can benefit your business as well as the environment
  • How you can put sustainability into practice
  • The business case for sustainability across a range of industries
  • How data and AI are being used to take the guesswork out of agricultural production
  • A live demo of machine learning at scale and the data science behind it

Hosted by Fabio Braga, Microsoft Chief Architect, the sixth episode of Azure in Action, featured experts from The Yield to discuss how we use data and AI to help our customers drive profits and sustainability, and to outline how we have harnessed the cloud to drive a more sustainable future and support high-impact decision making powered by data science.

Watch the recording of the session here and download The Yield's full PPT presentation here.

Chris Mendes, CTO, The Yield Technology Solutions

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