Big Ideas at the IX Sydney Summit 2021


Ros Harvey, our Founder and Managing Director, recently took part in the IX Sydney Summit 2021.

Hosted at the ICC Sydney, the summit focussed on climate growth and accelerating pathways to zero, and was organised by the NSW government in collaboration with WWF Australia, Citi, Australian Ethical, ANZ, Deloitte and a coalition of partners, to address scaling net zero technology innovation and investment.

Ros took part in the Agriculture & Land Use Workshop designed to discuss real, practical ideas that make a significant impact to climate growth.

Prior to the summit, participants were asked to submit ideas on how to accelerate pathways to zero in this sector. Together with the chair, a team of summit organisers selected the most innovative and ambitious ideas to be voted on as the idea they found to be the most effective.

So, what were these Big Ideas, and which one was the resounding winner…?

1. Develop granular, robust and efficient ability to measure emissions and abatement profiles, so that targets can be set and progress monitored (10 votes)

2. Accelerate R&D into methane reducing technologies such as feed supplements, improved pasture and pasture management (4 votes)

3. Increase infrastructure investment into electrification technology for current heavy diesel machinery (0 votes)

4. Invest in blue carbon R&D to exploit emission reduction opportunities in marine ecosystems (1 vote)

5. Reward carbon sequestration and forest conservation in ways that do not destroy jobs and ‘hollow out’ the rural economy (3 votes)

6. Help farmers meet the growing expectations of export markets for verified deforestation-free products (2 votes)

Congratulations to the winning idea which secured 10 votes and thank you to everyone involved in the workshop!

Find out more about IX Sydney Summit 2021.

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