NEW in Sensing+ ... Enhanced Block Selector


In response to client feedback and continuous innovation, we are pleased to announce the launch of the enhanced Block Selector in our Sensing+ solution.

The Sensing+ mobile app now features an overview of weather and growing conditions for the various blocks on your site - all in one glance.

Using the block selector, mobile users can now see and sort by values, such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind or leaf wetness. This enables you to easily view conditions across your site and quickly identify areas that need attention.

You can now:

  • Switch between viewing site-wide temperature, wind, humidity, leaf wetness, and rain.
  • Gain visibility of extreme temperatures and high winds affecting your site.
  • View more detailed information about the location of the weather station, block, planting and node.

This feature enables you to gain oversight when making irrigation, harvest and spray decisions, and will be particularly important to those customers who experience differing weather conditions across their site.

Powering proactive decision-making and planning, this feature is particularly relevant to on-farm managers including Site, Irrigation and Spray Managers, Horticulturists and Viticulturists.

Want to know more? See our FAQs...

Update your app NOW to access

To access this new feature on the mobile app please download the latest version of Sensing+. Instructions of how to do this can be found here for Apple or Android.

Cover photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

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