Digital the future of farming

  • Australian Government has released its Digital Foundations for Agriculture Strategy.
  • Identifies five key areas of focus to support the uptake of digital agriculture.
  • Centrepiece is $30 million investment in digital agriculture including establishment of a National Centre for Digital Agriculture.
The Hon David Littleproud MP, Minister for Agriculture

Digital innovation is set to drive the next wave of agricultural productivity and is one of the priority areas identified under our National Agricultural Innovation Agenda.

Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia David Littleproud said the Digital Foundations for Agriculture Strategy released today delivers on the government’s commitment to develop and support the uptake of technology that will drive the growth of the sector into the future.

“The next wave of agricultural productivity will be driven by innovation,” Minister Littleproud said.

“And a big player in lifting productivity will be digital agriculture. There are estimates from the agricultural industry that the lift in value could be $20 billion each year.

“The Digital Foundations for Agriculture Strategy sets out five focus areas for collective action by governments, industry and the research community.

“Principal of these is leadership and that is why in the 2022-23 Budget we announced $30 million in funding to establish a National Centre for Digital Agriculture and to support our eight regional Innovation Hubs to lift the uptake of digital technology.

“This new National Centre will provide national leadership and co-ordination to overcome the barriers to taking up new technology on-farm and through the supply chain and working closely with key industry players including organisations such as the Australian Agritech Association.

“Working alongside the Innovation Hubs, the National Centre will drive a cohesive uplift in skills, education, awareness, and ultimately adoption, of digital agriculture.

“We are also pleased to be investing $400,000 to expand the Australian Farm Data Code, an initiative to be led by National Farmers’ Federation.

“Australian farmers work with tough conditions to produce some of the best food and fibre in the world.

“Digital agriculture will be yet another way for Australian farmers to maintain a competitive edge over other exporting countries and will be crucial in lifting productivity as we work to towards industry’s goal of a $100 billion sector by 2030.”

Fast Facts:

  • Both the National Farmers’ Federation and the Australian Agritech Association have estimated digital agriculture and agritech will contribute billions to the value of the agriculture sector.
  • The Digital Foundations for Agriculture Strategy identifies five focus area for government, industry and research community including:

             - Leadership

             - Skills

             - Data and Governance

             - Opportunities and Value Proposition; and

             - Connectivity and Infrastructure.

  • The $30 million being committed through the 2022-23 Budget is part of the Australian Government’s $2 billion Regional Accelerators Program

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