Four sustainable start-ups to watch in 2020


We're pleased to feature in the recent article, "Four sustainable start-ups to watch in 2020", written by Elysia Fazio from Textbook Ventures.

"I just wanted to reach out to share our recent blog post with you! We love the work that The Yield is doing in promoting sustainability in the startup space, and we wanted to share this with our audience. Sustainable businesses are an incredibly important part of our future and our team is so excited by what your team has achieved," Ms Fazio said.

Textbook Ventures is an Australian student-led, not-for-profit organisation that provides support for aspiring and existing student entrepreneurs. They're on a mission to make Sydney one of the top places for student entrepreneurs to launch their startups on campus.

Textbook Ventures is proudly supported by some of Australia’s top venture capital firms and innovation leaders.

Here's an excerpt from the article featuring The Yield...

Sustainability. It’s a word we’ve been hearing a lot about. According to HP Australia’s Environmental Sustainability Study, 79% of consumers and 81% of businesses believe that responsibility lies within businesses and companies to adopt sustainable practices and minimise our impact on the environment. But what does it mean to be sustainable? How do we achieve it?

Here are four successful Australian start-ups who have found answers to these conundrums and are now making big moves in the world of sustainability!

The Yield

As the effects of a changing climate become incredibly real and unpredictable, Australian farmers are struggling more than ever to read their crops and care for them in the most impactful way. Ros Harvey, the founder of The Yield, sought a way to solve this problem.

The Yield provides a digital analytics system which allows farmers to accurately read their microclimates and make better-informed decisions to produce the best crops.

Their advanced “Sensing+” system measures moisture levels, rainfall and temperature, amongst other metrics, and can even produce 7-day predictions, all of which is sent to the user’s phone for easy accessibility and interpretation.

Customer stories on The Yield’s website provide insights into how their innovative system has helped farmers make more economical and efficient decisions, and further assists them in the planning of their next years’ activities.

In February, The Yield was nominated to be in the 2020 THRIVE TOP 50 — a shortlist of the world’s most innovative AgTech and food technology companies. With the AgTech industry growing exponentially in Australia, we are excited to see what The Yield has in store for the future!

Click here for the full article written by Elysia Fazio, Textbook Ventures.

Image: Photo by Thomas Richter on Unsplash

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