What is Future Fields?


Future Fields is the strategic plan for the Queensland fresh produce sector and supply chain over the next 10 years, setting out a shared vision and an agreed set of actions to turn that vision into reality.

The Queensland fresh produce sector is estimated to be worth in excess of $3 billion annually to the state’s economy. It’s Queensland's second largest and fastest growing agricultural industry, and source of significant employment and wealth creation in many regional communities.

Future Fields will ensure Queensland remains a leading state for horticultural production, supply chain innovation and food processing, and that the region continues to attract investment from interstate and overseas.

Future Fields - focussing on four key areas

The strategic plan focusses on four key fields of strategic interest to pursue over the next two years.

  1. Innovate2Access - Reaching new markets through innovation in food processing, packaging and logistics
  2. Working Smarter - Building skills to adopt and apply the new technologies that will reduce reliance on low skilled & labour intensive roles
  3. Bio Strong - Managing pests, diseases and biosecurity risks using data intelligence and collaboration
  4. Coordinated Compliance - Making it easier for growers to comply with government regulations and meet market driven requirements through digitization and eliminating duplication.

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