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Article from Fresh Plaza, 2 June 2022.
"We already achieve nearly 95% accuracy at fruit set in perennial crops at site and category level." Ros Harvey, The Yield.

The Yield is an agricultural technology company that transforms food and farming practices with scalable digital technology. Using real-time data and AI to power their technology, The Yield solves real challenges at farm level and throughout the food chain.

The Yield's Digital Playbook and Harvest Predictions are a customer's blueprint on how to grow crops more profitably and with less environmental impact, enabling their business to scale faster and reduce climate risk.

"Our Digital Playbooks deliver highly accurate crop predictions and recommendations for spray, harvest, and irrigation, or to mitigate the risk of pest and disease, or extreme temperature events such as frost or heat stress," said Ros Harvey, Founder, and CEO at The Yield.

"We combine our powerful analytics with our customer's know-how and automatically adjust recommendations for local growing conditions across our customer's sites. Our customers can then configure the recommendations to meet their operational requirements."

Using the Digital Playbook with patented microclimate predictions, The Yield's customers can realize up to a:

  • 57% reduction in water requirements
  • 47% increase in safe spray windows
  • 150% better extreme weather event identification
  • 20% improvement in harvest predictions

"Our platform is architected to be hardware agnostic - we already use data from other weather station providers in our apps and analytics," Harvey said.

At this year's Hort Connections, The Yield will kick off a million-dollar Food Agility CRC Research Project using optical metrics from robots (what they did and their observations) to improve their Digital Playbook harvest predictions.

"Working closely with Yamaha Motor Corp., our customer, Treasury Wine Estates, and the University of Technology Sydney, this project will help us to 'close the data loop,' i.e., take data from robots and feed this into our algorithms to improve AI predictions delivered by The Yield.

"We already achieve nearly 95% accuracy at fruit set in perennial crops at site and category level. We are now focused on lifting block level accuracy using optical metrics. The huge advantage of using data from robots is that a customer's benefit is twofold. Our Digital Playbook recommendations give more safe spray hours, helping robotic spraying commercials to stack up while reducing the need to pay for expensive scanning services. The same approach can be used in other on-farm activities such as improving pest and disease management and identifying plant stress."

Harvey said they are finding an increased demand for their products as people see the benefits of digitalization. Both the pandemic and war in Ukraine have heightened awareness of and importance of using technology to both increase yields on farms and optimize food supply chains. The impact of climate change and extreme weather events is also driving increased demand.

"Companies in our industry are continually looking for ways to do more with less. As a digital transformation partner using data and AI, this is where The Yield can help - to grow and distribute crops more profitably and with less environmental impact. We also help our customers to reduce risk and scale faster. This value has led to many leading agrifood companies to partner with us to reach their goals faster," Harvey said.

The company is looking forward to reconnecting with many of their customers in person and to making new acquaintances at Hort Connections 2022.

"We partner with large corporate growers of irrigated perennials, marketers, and input providers, all of which will be attending Hort Connections 2022 - Australia's premier event in the horticulture space."

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