How 'bout them oysters?


The Yield and our fantastic project partners the NSW Food Authority and Broadwater Oysters have made an appearance on a CNBC Catalyst television special. 

The program discussed the impact of cloud computing and technological innovation in the agriculture and aquaculture industries. 

The Yield's work with NSW Food Authority is part of a large-scale trial we are undertaking in NSW to transform oyster farming practices with technology. 

"Farmers are in a natural ecosystem. We’re creating a digital ecosystem to match it.

We pull together localised data, and combine it with wide area data, so we’re able to predict the local from the wide area. This is done via the cloud and delivered to growers and food safety regulators in easy to use apps.

Best of all, the system learns. The more data we get, the better our predictions are.” - Ros Harvey, The Yield Founder and MD.

Watch the 4-minute clip here.

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