Agile approach puts innovation in the hands of winegrowers


A recent collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Food Agility proves the “everybody wins” approach is paying dividends.

Using AI, historical and current production and real-time microclimate data, researchers created models to predict wine grape yield and harvest dates – improving capacity for producers and processors to plan and manage pre- and post-harvest resources.

“Less than halfway through the project, The Yield were able to secure a three-year contract with winemaking giant, Treasury Wine Estates. That’s because the researchers had been testing early, often, and with end users,” said Camilla. “It’s a great example of how quickly Food Agility’s approach to research can produce a commercial benefit.”

The Yield collaboration is a key project within Food Agility’s Horticulture, Robotics & AI investment program, one of three strategic pillars which guide Food Agility’s investment. Camilla explained, “The three pillar strategy focuses our efforts on areas in which the CRC and our partners have particular expertise, so we can deliver the greatest impact.”

Photo by Rachael Lenehan

Article source: growAG

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