International Women’s Day – Women in agriculture forging change


Women make up 43% of the agricultural labour force globally, yet still face significant discrimination when it comes to land and livestock ownership, equal pay, participation in decision-making entities, and access to credit and financial services (see Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations).

According to the UN, when more women work, economies grow. Women’s economic empowerment boosts productivity, increases economic diversification and income equality, in addition to other positive development outcomes.

One of the missions of #IWD2023 is to ‘elevate women forging change via technology and sustainability in communities, workplaces and beyond’.

According to the Australian Women in Agriculture, Australia's peak organisation for women across all areas in agriculture since 1994; ‘worldwide women are forging change in their communities through agriculture.’

Indeed ‘women are the backbone of change’ says an IWD article.

‘It is women who are often the custodians of local culture, community and cuisine – and they work hard to meet the household needs of food, nutrition and income.’

‘Women are pioneers. They’re central to farming, forging positive change through agroecology on their farms and in their communities.’

‘Their innovative approaches can transform situations of hardship, exclusion, crisis, or social vulnerability into a positive and uplifting spiral of innovation, solidarity, and personal growth.’

At The Yield, we’re proud of our pioneering Founder and CEO, Ros Harvey, who was recently listed in The Australian’s Top 100 Innovators List.

“Developing women's strengths and contributions to global agriculture will effectively contribute to the growth of profitable and innovative businesses, industries, and rural and regional communities", Harvey said.

Let’s celebrate the role of women in agriculture and continue to work together to achieve sustainable outcomes for the Agriculture industry.

Ros Harvey, Founder & CEO of The Yield.

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