Case Study: New Zealand Apples


The Yield works with New Zealand’s largest integrated grower, packer and exporter of apples, exporting 25% of the NZ apple crop around the world.

The Yield deployed a Digital Playbook using orchard microclimate predictions to deliver its recommendations.

Our customer uses their Digital Playbook via our web and mobile apps to improve their pack out rates, focussing on:

  • More effective use of thinners to get the right fruit set. The efficacy of these products are very weather sensitive.
  • Better management of pest and disease risk.
  • Mitigating extreme weather risks (heat and frost).

Digital Playbook User Scores

Net Promoter Score


Overall Satisfaction


Ease of use

First thing I do each morning is check the app to see if it’s compatible for spraying today, if it isn’t, I'm checking if it's OK for tomorrow. This year our thinning results were the best in the past 30 years. The good weather and accuracy of the weather forecasts has really helped with planning.
Orchard Manager

Benefits realized in improved pack out rates by

Improved thinning and spraying outcomes
Better management of pest and disease risk
Mitigation of extreme weather risks
Standardizing weather-related practices
Single source of truth across the business
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