Next Generation AI and Emerging Technologies Symposium


Featuring Ros Harvey as a speaker and panellist, the Next Generation AI and Emerging Technologies Symposium was a blend of global experts and students from a broad range of backgrounds, all sharing and learning from each other while considering the future of AI and other emerging technologies.

The Symposium covered four key modules that will become some of the foundational aspects of the Next Generation Graduates Programs which will begin in mid-2022:

  • AI and emerging technologies in the real world
  • Ethics in AI and technologies
  • Autonomous systems
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in AI and emerging technologies

Students were also able to join an interactive Masterclass after the presentations to further explore the topics that were covered in each module.

What’s next for the Next Generation?

The symposium offered a taste of the Next Generations Graduate programs that will start mid-year.

In the programs, students will participate in industry-led research projects and placements to build job-ready skills. The scholarships will be co-funded with industry for post-graduate students at all levels.  

Students will enroll in honours, masters, or a PhD as part of a cohort – or group of students whose individual projects all contribute to a larger multi-disciplinary program of work aimed at solving a real-world challenge. This will allow graduates with varying backgrounds to work alongside and learn from each other in a truly multi-disciplinary environment.  

The program strives to develop entrepreneurial thinking and skillsets earlier, where cross-pollination of ideas leads to breakthrough innovation.

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