New in Sensing+ ... Predictive Notifications


We are pleased to announce the launch of Predictive Notifications in our Sensing+ solution.

Users can set and view notification rules for specific weather conditions and then receive SMS alerts when these conditions are predicted to occur within the next 3 days.

Predictive Notifications can alert you to expected extreme temperatures, disease risk or adverse spray and harvesting conditions.

Powering proactive decision-making and planning, this feature is particularly relevant to on-farm managers including Site and Irrigation Managers, Horticulturists and Viticulturists.

How do I set up my Predictive Notifications?

You can set your Predictive Notifications via the Sensing+ web portal.

  1. Open the Notifications tab.
  2. Set the notification rules for the specific growing conditions that you want to be alerted to when they are predicted.
  3. Tick the appropriate check box at the bottom of the screen for Observed and/or Predicted.

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