The Yield Quarterly Awards – April 2020


We came together on Friday afternoon, 3 April, to celebrate our Team Quarterly Awards - virtually!

Our team dialled in from around Australia to acknowledge the hard work of our colleagues.

Our event theme was black tie so team members made a special effort to dress up for the occasion!

Our awards reflect our corporate values so a big CONGRATULATIONS goes to:

Work Together: To achieve clear goals, and engage proactively with partners and customers. We also have fun and celebrate our wins.

Winner: Kate May

"Kate provides leadership in so many different facets of our team; from yield prediction and research to customer insight development - these impact all parts of our business and how we grow. She has contributed a huge amount of effort to ensure all team members have been able to turn conceptual ideas into successful outcomes for all."

About the Impact: Encouraging our staff and partners to act in a sustainable way, while building sustainability into our products.

Winner: Helen Mihelic

"Helen is super knowledgeable about every aspect of our product and how it works; be it data models, platform or hardware. She does an amazing job of keeping all of those variables in context and is very mindful of the impact each of our product component will have as we try to solve problems for our customer. Recently, Helen helped with defining the node configurations for our customers. Her contribution in challenging the requirements and how to best create a scenario which delivers customer outcomes whilst staying consistent with our product capability was exceptional."

Grounded & Rounded: Which keeps us down to earth, honest and accountable in everything we do.

Winner: Chris Zale

"Chris is a great member of the team who is always super organised and working hard to make sure everything runs smoothly for our customers and his colleagues. He's super easy to work with and always happy to help out whenever he can. He's the Swiss Army Knife of the Operations team and just gets on with what's required. He's super agile, never stressed and has a remarkable ability to juggle between variety of tasks and responsibilities; logistics, field support, user guides and sounding board for the team.

Customer Obsessed: We listen to and understand our customers, so we can solve real problems with our technology.

Winner: Axel Hillemacher

"Axel works to ensure installations go to plan and everything is set up successfully for the customer. He shows great leadership around customer installations. His work is a masterpiece!"

Committed to Greatness: We challenge the status quo, have a “can do” attitude, embrace diversity and work hard.

Winner: John McGee

"John is very detailed. He works to not only understand the problem at hand, but ALWAYS applies the learnings to best practice for any future activity. Our hardware deployment capability has made phenomenal progress in the last few months and John's continuous improvement approach has made a big contribution in developing that capability."

Going above & beyond: Working above and beyond to help ensure the company and the team meets their goals.

Winner: Phillip Wingate

"Phil has demonstrated incredible commitment to the business and to the people that work in it. He's worked extremely hard over the last few months and it is largely invisible to most of us. He cares about the impact of things on all of us - making sure we have a viable business and jobs to support our families. I'll always be grateful to him for his hard work in these hard times to keep things together."

Best Dressed Winners: Paul Maxwell-Walters & Leran Admoni

For the best outfits of the event!

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