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In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to get a first look at Sensing+ for Agriculture – our long-awaited ecosystem that will provide microclimate sensing, data analysis and 7-day on-farm predictions.  

However, we also have a free Growers’ App you can download right now that has been earning some great user feedback. The app was created as a way to show growers how we can combine data and intuitive design to present complex information in a simple way. 

 Available for iOS and Android, The Yield app takes Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) data and analyses it to give growers valuable information on water balance, wind speed and direction, rainfall and temperature.  

The app gives past and present information on local weather conditions, as well as 7-day predictions, making it an invaluable planning tool. Most importantly, it's the only app to offer evapotranspiration as a simple water balance visual, for today the past and next 7 days. It does this by analysing 2.5 million data points every six hours and applying data science to create a value. 

Here's what a few users have had to say: 

James Bresnehan, owner of Back Paddock Vineyard, began using the app following a dry period during the 2016/17 grape-growing season. Bresnehan says the app comes in handy when scheduling irrigation, allowing him to be more water efficient from late August until harvest.  

“It’s all well and good to see forecast rainfall using standard weather apps, but to understand how much water deficit is actually occurring is quite game changing, especially when water resources are tight during dry periods." - James Bresnehan

Brett Squibb, a third-generation apple grower from Spreyton uses the free app regularly during the growing season, to help him monitor and predict conditions on his 100-hectare farm. 

“I find myself using it a lot in planning,” said Squibb. “Seeing the broken-down wind forecast is a great tool when planning spraying applications, while irrigation and staff planning is easier once I can see the 7-day forecast on one screen.” 

The free app has five-star ratings in both the App Store and Google Play. Reviewers have said: 

Thanks for providing the current and past evapotranspiration values. No other weather app gives these values. Looking forward for the next release.

Nice app with clear data graphics. ET forecasting also links the Met data to create a great product. 

Great UI/UX. Very useful app. Keep on the good work!

The Yield app is free and available to download now from the App Store or Google Play.

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