The Definitive List of Agri Twitter Accounts To Follow


Last updated 23rd August 2018

If you’re not currently on Twitter, you might be surprised to know that there’s a sizeable agriculture community represented there. Made up of a mix of growers, businesses, entrepreneurs, scientists, policy makers and others with significant experience and interest in the industry, Agri Twitter (as we like to call it) is an active and highly engaged community.

Members of the ag community on Twitter are the kind of people with their finger firmly on the pulse of the industry, and so it’s a fantastic way to stay up to date with the latest developments in the agriculture sector.

From news to politics, product reviews to emerging tech, Agri Twitter is a great way to get timely, unfiltered opinions from those in the know.

Not sure where to even get started? Here’s our (ever-growing) list of the 100 Twitter accounts anyone in the ag industry should follow:


1. @theyield - The Yield – An Australian agtech company that’s using IoT and AI technology to provide growers with highly accurate predictions. The Yield posts daily, sharing items about food security, ag events, agtech and industry news.

2. @Agri_Digital – Another Australian agtech startup, AgriDigital is using blockchain to simplify supply chain management. AgriDigital posts a couple of times a week, sharing posts on agtech and blockchain.

3. @foodagility – An Australian innovation hub that aims to make the Australian agrifood industry more competitive and sustainable. Food Agility posts daily, focusing on events, agri innovation and food security.

4. @TheGFIA ‏ – A global thinktank, based in the UAE, focused on innovation in agriculture. Follow to keep up to date on events The GFIA runs on food security.

5. @wrobertsfood ‏ – Wayne Roberts is a Canadian food policy analyst and writer. He posts frequently about food security, local food, sustainable agriculture and agriculture policy.

6. @JohnDeere – The world’s most well-known farming equipment company primarily posts about their own products, but also shares some pretty great shots of their equipment in action, taken by real growers.

7. @The_NakedFarmer ‏ – An Australian account that’s focused on connecting people with the realities of living on the farm. The Naked Farmer talks primarily about rural mental health, and issues affecting the community. Mildly NSFW.

8. @Merry_Meredith ‏– Andrew Meredith is the deputy business editor of Farmers Weekly, the Uk-based farming magazine that has been around since 1934. Andrew posts frequently, sharing info about ag business and other industry news.

9. @Agri_Events ‏– Australian-based, but featuring news from all over the world, the Ag & Rural Events Twitter account promotes all manner of ag, rural and food production events occurring globally.

10. @Syngenta ‏– The Switzerland-based, globally-operating business produces agrochemicals and seeds, and is focused on ‘helping growers to grow more with less’. They post several times a day about sustainable agriculture, ag in emerging economies and their own product offerings.

11. @willpenrievans ‏– Will Evans is a Welsh farmer, Farmer’s Weekly columnist and host of the popular Rock and Roll Farming podcast. Will posts multiple times a day, sharing personal stories, farming trends, politics and more.

12. @morvenvale ‏– David Ricardo is an Australian farmer, father and creator of an app called Farm Service Manager. David posts a few times a week about his app, life on the farm and agtech.

13. @arjfowler ‏– Andrew Fowler is a Nuffield scholar, father of four and farmer in Esperance, Western Australia. Andrew tweets once or twice a week about life on the farm, challenges farmers experience, and current events.

14. @FAR_Arable ‏– The Foundation for Arable Reseach (FAR) is a New Zealand research organisation that supports NZ farmers involved in arable cropping activities. Follow them for industry news, and information on all things concerning the arable ag industry.

15. @stationmum101 ‏- Gillian Fennell is a wife and mother living at a station in the remote outback of South Australia. Follow her to get insight into life in a truly remote area, as well as opinions on the ag industry and politics.

16. @YouthAgSummit ‏- The children, as they say, are our future, and that’s no less true in agriculture. The Youth Ag Summit is a Bayer initiative to get young people involved in the future of ag and food security.

17. @farmingforever ‏- Farmers understand the risk of a changing climate better than most. Farmers Climate Action is an Australian organisation that is drawing attention to the plight of Australian farmers, and working to change it. Follow for information on the impact of climate change, and how you can help.

18. @agthentic ‏- AgThentic is an innovation and sustainability consulting firm that supports innovators and entrepreneurs in the ag sector, by providing a wealth of expertise in agriculture and food production. Follow for news on climate change, sustainability and food security.

19. @TrendlinesAg ‏- Trendlines Agtech is an Israeli agtech incubator dedicated to developing and creating new agtech to solve global food supply challenges. Follow for information on agtech, emerging trends in ag and food security news.

20. @AgriFuturesAU ‏- Formerly known as the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (or RIRDC), AgriFuture is an organisation seeking to grow Australia’s rural industries. Follow for frequent posts on emerging industries, industry developments and news.

We'll be regularly updating this list; check back to see who you should be following, or join our mailing list for the latest news and updates from The Yield.

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