The Yield joins AusAgritech as a Foundation Member


Agritech Leaders Alliance forms within The Australian Agritech Association

Sydney, 22 July 2021 - The Australian Agritech Association (AusAgritech) is pleased to announce that a consortium of leading Australian Agritech companies have joined the association as Foundation Agritech Members. The esteemed group of leaders features start-ups, scaleups and sector leading firms from around the country, who are united on the need to develop a strong and vibrant Agritech ecosystem in the national interest.

The Agritechs include; AgriDigital, AgriWebb, Ceres Tag, Cibo Labs, DataFarming, Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, LX Group, MaiaGrazing, MAIT Industries, Optiweigh, Pairtree Intelligence, Platfarm, Regrow, SapienTechnology, Swarm Farm Robotics and The Yield. These firms and others who join in the future will work with and alongside AusAgritech to develop the sector at all levels and bring influence in Federal and State politics for better policy and engagement with portfolios across the whole Agritech sector including; Agriculture, Energy, Industry, Technology and Trade.

Australia has the potential to be a world leader in Agritech and with stronger sector leadership and vision for enhancing the sector both nationally and internationally, the alliance members will seek to leverage and access capital, skilled workers and create stronger collaborations across the sector.

Agritech is a AUD $500Bn a year sector globally and it is AusAgritech’s target to tap into $20Bn+ of that annually to bring higher productivity and efficiencies to Australian farming, more skilled jobs and career opportunities in regional Australia, as well as leveraging our exceptional research and farming practices to drive more revenue for our economy.

Andrew Coppin, Chairman of AusAgritech noted "These great thought leading companies in our sector are committed to delivering exceptional technology for Aussie farmers and exporting it to the world. They are already actively enhancing our productivity and supply chains and are key to driving adoption to deliver changes that will impact our agricultural productivity and farm outputs well into the future. In doing this they are all material contributors to achieving the National Farmers Federation $100Bn farm output by 2030 target. It gives me great pleasure to welcome them all as Foundation Agritech Members who will help us shape best practice policy, data usage, farmer adoption and engagement, investment and international awareness of our sector in what is a truly global marketplace."

He went on to say, "This group of Agritech Leaders joins a growing list of visionary corporations who are aligned to building this sector in Australia. Whilst we have many strong state-based initiatives, it’s imperative that we merge those efforts with a national and regional agenda for the development of the Agritech sector that is industry led. It will also provide government, investors, researchers, educators, collaborators and corporates the opportunity to engage with and activate their networks for the greater good too."

Ros Harvey, Founder and Managing Director, The Yield Technology Solutions also had this to say...

"We are very pleased to join AusAgritech as a Foundation Member. There is much work to be done in elevating Australian agritech to the world stage. Our burgeoning industry displays exceptional levels of innovation and achievement that drive tangible results for customers and the agrifood industry. It is imperative that we look to share this work more broadly and apply it globally".

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