The Yield Partners with Microsoft to Showcase AI


It's one thing to be a young company that takes its values of innovation and the transformative power of agtech to heart, but quite another to see those values showcased on an international stage.

This week we saw the long-awaited result of our partnership with Microsoft in their new campaign, which highlights three selected projects across the globe using Artificial Intelligence to make their mark on the world - one of which we're delighted to say is The Yield.

Focusing on our overarching purpose of feeding the world without wrecking the planet, the campaign uses The Yield to demonstrate the potential of AI in the agriculture technology space.


We're really proud to be a part of this one and will continue working hard to live up to its message.

The campaign goes live in late April. See more on the other AI projects here and the blog about Ros Harvey and our AI story here.

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