The Yield executive leaders to take part in Food Agility Summit, 11-12 February 2020.


Members of our executive leadership team, Ros Harvey and Chris Mendes, will take part in the inaugural Food Agility Summit, to be held at the University of Technology Sydney, 11-12 February 2020.

Hosted by the Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre, the event brings together Australian and international industry leaders, policy makers, producers and innovators to explore the role of trust, traceability, and digital technology in agrifood value chains.

The Yield Founder and Managing Director, Ros Harvey, will take part in the Expert Panel: The Decade for Digital: A Digital Food System by 2030. In this interactive panel discussion, international and local industry leaders will explore their vision for what a digitally enabled agrifood system could look like by 2030. Led by Food Agility Chief Scientist, David Lamb, the panel will  answer the most pressing questions and propose solutions to the predicted challenges awaiting the Australian ag sector as we venture into the future.

The Yield's Chief Technology Officer, Chris Mendes, will participate in the Food Agility Project Showcases: Insights and Prediction. In this session, project teams will detail how they are working with growers, regulators, and industry partners to tap into the power of data in order to provide insights and predictive capabilities for the Australian agrifood sector. Chris will talk about the Predictive Harvest Timing and Yield in Intensive Cropping Project outlining the challenge, solution and outcomes to date.

Learn more about the event here.

Ros Harvey, Founder & Managing Director of The Yield

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