The Yield and The Singularity Mesh: Leveraging IOT to increase food production


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The Yield and The Singularity Mesh: Leveraging IOT to increase food production

The Yield Technology Solutions is an Australian agricultural technology company on a mission to transform food and farming practices with scalable digital technology.

The Yield uses Internet of Things (IoT), data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to power its technology to solve real challenges at farm level and throughout the food chain.

The Yield’s Sensing+ solution combines sensors and analytics to provide information and predictions in easy-to-use apps that help large commercial growers make important on-farm decisions like when to irrigate, feed, plant, protect and harvest.

It was The Yield’s mission that got The Singularity Mesh team really excited. It aligned perfectly with our vision of leveraging technology to deliver great outcomes to customers – and what better outcome than helping to put food on our table in a more efficient and environmentally sustainable way, while reducing risk and operational costs for farmers.

When we started working with The Yield, the following challenges were presented:

  • Existing applications were well designed, but needed to scale and be optimised for increasing level of demand.
  • Technical infrastructure needed to support increasing client demand for real time predictions.

Teams from The Singularity Mesh and The Yield worked with Microsoft to design an architecture to both solve the current challenges and set The Yield up for the future.

After review with the relevant stakeholders, the following measures were implemented:

  • Setup a highly scalable Azure micro-services based architecture using .NET, Python, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.
  • Setup the API gateway as the single point of entry for all website and apps
  • Provided event streaming capability using Event Hubs and Stream Analytics
  • Real time Predictions using Azure AI / ML

Once the enhancements were implemented, The Yield achieved the following outcomes:

  • Significantly reduced time to market and the ability to release new features quickly.
  • Enhanced performance enabling a better customer user experience.

The Yield secured significant investment recently, and has collected awards from Thrive Top 50 AgTech Companies, Microsoft, AgTech Innovation, IOT Impact awards … amongst many others.

The company continues to move from strength to strength and was noted by The Australian Financial Review recently as one of  “Australia’s best-funded agricultural technology startups in Australia“.

We are proud to be with them on this journey.

Read more about The Yield's Sensing+ solution.

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