The Yield is using AI to help feed the world

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Article from Fresh Plaza, 5 May 2022.

The Yield is a prominent Australian tech business that uses data and artificial intelligence (AI) to help its corporate customers to grow, distribute and sell more profitability with less environmental impact. The company focuses on specialty crops such as trees, vines, nuts and vegetables.

According to the United Nations, in recent years almost 690 million people have gone hungry and it is concerned that, without a massive effort, the world will be challenged to achieve the UN goal of zero hunger by 2030.

Ros Harvey, Founder and CEO of The Yield: “The bottom line is we have a compelling imperative, we simply have to do more with less and it can’t be business as usual. This challenge is the primary issue that drives us at The Yield – and digital technology and innovation is a big part of the solution.”

The Yield has developed Digital Playbooks that use AI to deliver highly accurate crop predictions and recommendations for on-farm practices such as irrigation, spray, nutrition, harvest and mitigating extreme weather events. The Yield’s technology enables a 10% lift in grower revenue and a 45% Internal Rate of Return for customers in its core crops through improving yields, reducing costs and mitigating weather risks.

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