Why we’re nuts about macadamias!


The Australian Macadamia Society has developed a Sustainable approach to productivity improvement, as reported in the 2022 Australian Macadamias Yearbook, advocating for the use of “precision agriculture including mapping tools, weather stations and soil moisture probes to inform orchard operations and help improve the efficiency of water use on farms.”

This approach from the Macadamia industry can be supported by The Yield’s Digital Playbooks, which deliver a set of crop recommendations in easy-to-use apps, and are used by on-farm operation teams to irrigate, feed, plant, protect crops, and harvest to optimise yields. Customers can also adjust their Digital Playbooks to capture their own best practice.

Digital Playbooks automatically adjust for local weather conditions and, when adding The Yield's patented microclimate predictions, precision is significantly increased.

AI is used to accurately forecast yield as part of The Yield’s Digital Playbook. This allows customers to optimise their supply chain to get the best prices and reduce food waste.

Image above is from Investing in the Future:  A Sustainable Approach to Productivity Improvement. Other images are courtesy of Phillip Larking and Anima_Visual via Unsplash.

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