The Yield Grower's App

A free weather & ETo app, built specifically for growers. Download now

The Yield Free Grower’s App uses data analytics to provide public weather data from a grower’s perspective.

It provides all the growing conditions you need and nothing you don’t, from water balance, evapotranspiration (ETo) and rainfall to humidity and wind activity.

Quickly see: 
at a glance:


rainfall and water
balance on one screen


wind speed and direction,
and relative humidity


rainfall and water balance

NEXT 7 days

rainfall and water balance.
Made possible by data science that analyses
2.5 million data points every 6 hours

Use The Yield Free Grower's App to:

Quickly select and save multiple farm locations, and store past locations
See the local growing conditions you need, on 3 simple screens
Easily navigate with one hand: scrolling left, right or down
See information in the sun, with the app's handy black screen & white text 

The Yield Free Growers' App is currently available to Australian residents only.

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Coming 2019.

Download now:

App currently available for Australian locations only.

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