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Harvest area sensing and 3-day predictions, for more informed decision-making

Stage 1


Sensors go in wherever you need information – bay by bay, lease by lease, or in a hot spot. Sensing + Aqua™ measures:

How it works

Sensing+ Aqua™ collects real-time data from sensors that sit in the water to analyse quality, and above water to measure a variety of climate conditions. 

The  salinity, depth and temperature sensors used by Sensing+ Aqua™ are used by the US Environmental Protection Authority and ocean researchers world-wide. Hardware is manufactured by leading engineers at Bosch, and is proven to stand up to harsh marine environments. 

The Yield is also responsible for installing, calibrating and servicing all Sensing+ Aqua™ hardware - so you receive an integrated solution, without the hassle of managing up-keep.

Stages 2 & 3

analyse &

Your data is put through predictive models and converted into a 3-day
harvest area forecast.

Your Harvest Areas

Sensing+™ makes predictions based on what’s happening in your water environment

Sensing+ Aqua™ measures data from your harvest area and uses analytics and data science to help you make faster, more informed decisions. Information is shared directly with you via a web app.

Beyond this, Sensing+ Aqua™ builds a picture of your microclimate in a range of conditions. Using the Events feature, important harvest details like mortality and grading can also be quickly and easily recorded.

24/7, 365 Days a Year

With sensors continuously recording conditions, you no longer need to chase information

Sensing+ Aqua™ has been designed to make your operation more efficient, and give you better insights for less effort. 

With Sensing+ Aqua™ measuring and converting your climate data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can proactively manage operational activities like labour and logistics. And, because you identify where you need to place the sensors, you know Sensing+ Aqua™ is going to deliver information from exactly where you need it. 

Find out more about Sensing+ Aqua™ from a growers’ perspective here.

A Digital Record

Record important harvest details including oyster grading and mortality rates

Sensing+ Aqua™ comes with a web app that can be accessed via your device. 

Use it to see all the important conditions and predictions you need to you make decisions during the day, as well as recording important harvest details like dates, grading and mortality rates.

By sharing your climate data with food safety regulators via the Regulators Portal, you can also help to reduce unnecessary harvest closures that have a major impact on your business.

A System That Learns

The more data that is collected, the more it can tell you about how your environment reacts to certain conditions

By tracking multiple water and weather points in your harvest area, Sensing+ Aqua™ grows the intelligence of its analytics.

The Yield engineers and data scientists also continuously study your data to identify patterns and enhance our aquaculture models.

With The Yield taking responsibility for all data quality and management, we also ensure the integrity of the system whilst removing unnecessary hassle for you.

Secure & Reliable

All data securely housed in Microsoft Azure – an enterprise-grade cloud platform.

Every data point recorded on your farm is safely housed in Microsoft’s reliable global platform. Using Bosch technology, we also encrypt your data from the minute it is recorded, to when it arrives into our cloud.

We maintain best practice data management and standards, and have a transparent data policy that is provided to customers at purchase. You can learn more about data on the Our Approach page.

Solving Problems

By sharing data with researchers, you can contribute to new scientific models and problem solving

At The Yield, we are committed to measuring quality data and putting it to practical use, on and off the water. Our customers own their personal and local climate data, and are given transparency, control and incentive to share it.  

We securely pass on aggregated anonymised data to public researchers working to solve environmental, crop-specific and disease issues. Our customers agree to this in advance when they join us, with full transparency provided. For example, in oyster farming, data has been given to researchers trying to solve issues like Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) and winter mortalities.

For a breakdown of data types, legislation and how data can be used to your advantage, please visit the Our Approach page.

Stage 4


With local conditions and predictions in your hand, you can be open and profitable
more days of the year.

The things that matter

Sensing+ Aqua™ gives you local water and climate conditions as they happen, and 3 days ahead

Insights come to you

Set custom thresholds and climate notifications, so important information comes to you 

Save time and money

With a micro-level view over conditions in your harvest areas, you can proactively manage labour and logistics

Regulator View

Sensing+ Aqua™ is also available as a portal for food safety regulators. The web-based system gives regulators a bird’s eye view over harvest areas under their care, helping them to manage openings and closings with greater speed and confidence.

Using Sensing+ Aqua™ technology, regulators can administer their shellfish food safety program within a simple interface, including setting up harvest areas and leases, setting opening and closing triggers, and efficiently managing communications. By using a simple traffic light system and messaging feature within the app, regulators can quickly communicate a potential upcoming closure with farmers.

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