NEW: remove a crop

Released: 12 December, 2018
What it means:

Growers with many different crops on their app can also now remove old crop records sitting in their 'blocks' tab, making for a cleaner experience.

To delete the crop, go into the web app and select a site, then from the block list expand out the appropriate one to see all the plantings (crops) in that block. There will now be an option to “end” the crop.

Once selected, a reason and end date can be entered.

Available for Sensing+ users via the web application only.

We’re always asking growers for feedback on their Sensing+ app, and these form the basis of all our updates. Turn on automatic downloads for the Sensing+ app in your phone settings to get this and all future updates with no extra work from you!

For any questions or comments, please contact us at

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NEW: remove a crop
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