The Yield is an agriculture technology company developing solutions to improve on farm decision-making and customer yields.  We do this by providing on-farm sensors and hardware with an advanced data analytics platform to help growers make faster, more informed decisions.  The Yield works with agriculture's leading growers, to remove guesswork and mitigate the risk and uncertainty from weather.

The Yield's purpose is to help feed the world without wrecking the planet, while our aim is to be a world-leader in intelligent solutions in agriculture.

Bosch, Microsoft and Intel are our technology partners.


Ros Harvey is an entrepreneur and experienced executive in the field of technology, particularly the Internet of Things (IoT), and user-centric design. She is the Managing Director of The Yield - the business she founded in 2014. Ros has a particular commitment to creating public good with private effort through innovative uses of technology, which is reflected throughout her career. She founded the globally-recognised Better Work and Sense-T programs – both which have strong novel technology underpinnings. Ros recently co-founded Food Agility consortium and the Knowledge Economy Institute with Dr Michael Briers.

Ros leads a highly experienced team which brings together world-leading agriculturists, marine scientists and technologists. All these skills work together seamlessly to ensure technology delivers real business outcomes. 

Ros is also an Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology's Institute for Future Environments in Intellisensing.