The data transformation journey

Where is your 
company on its data transformation journey? 

These digital readiness levels allow agrifood businesses like yours to identify their current stage and aspire to further advancements along the data transformation journey.

Data transformation is a foundational piece of the overall digital transformation puzzle

Accelerating data maturity can give early access to some of the benefits of data transformation and act as inspiration and a proof point.

Businesses that implement more mature data and AI strategies gain significant competitive advantage. This means continually moving up the Data Maturity Curve.

The key to success

In a world filled with constant variables and uncertainty, data – specifically the ability to transform data into actionable insights and ultimately automations at scale – holds the key to success.

It’s no longer enough to rely on unreliable data, outdated processes and gut feelings.

Move up the curve

Wherever you are on the digital readiness scale, The Yield empowers agrifood companies like yours to move up the Data Maturity Curve, expediting your data transformation journey.

The Yield will meet you where you’re at. Once you identify your digital readiness level, The Yield will help you understand how to optimize your data now and as you grow.

Digital readiness levels

Digital readiness level one

Agrifood businesses at this level have data, but it is in random silos, unstructured and not easily accessible. It is not being used for the benefit of the company. Your people are more likely to be making experience-based decisions than data-driven decisions because it is too time consuming and hard to get the data they need.

The Yield takes the pressure off getting going with analytics. We help you get the right foundation in place quickly and efficiently with our Precision Yield Management Platform. Getting your teams to use data-driven insights delivered in The Yield’s Mobile App and Analytics Portal to make them more effective at their jobs builds confidence and expertise, setting your business up for success.

Digital readiness level two

Agrifood businesses ready for this level have a deeper understanding of their data but are still looking at it in a review mirror rather than consistently looking ahead. They often have the basics sorted out but still struggle to combine data from different software and databases. Your people are already using data to inform decisions, but it’s cumbersome and they are often frustrated.

The Yield can now start to ingest data from your different sources into our platform – standardizing it, cleaning it and letting you explore it with a weather overlay. You can start deploying AI/ML models from The Yield to provide predictive insights. The growing volume and quality of available data will continually enrich visualizations.

Digital readiness level three

Businesses at this level are already using Al/ML predictive models and are well on the way to the goal of automation and optimization of their operations. They have two-way data flowing into The Yield’s platform from various software they use in operations. All data is standardized into the unified data model and the business is subscribing to multiple AI/ML predictive and optimization models to support operational decision making. Your people are more likely to be supervising automated decision-making.

The whole business is working from a clear set of KPIs which your analytics are designed to meet. It’s like driving with a GPS with a clear destination in mind.

As field robotics are rolled out, these businesses are well placed to leverage the activity and observation data collected by robots creating vital feedback loops, making the AI/ML models even more powerful.

Reach advanced levels of optimization and automation for smarter and more efficient pre-farm, on-farm and post-farm practices with The Yield.

Whatever your digital readiness level, The Yield’s software solutions and expert team will partner with you to take your data maturity and applied AI initiatives to the next level. 

We can help you assess your data and then develop an action plan for how to improve your data to a level that meets your goals and needs.

Wherever you are on your Digital Growth journey, explore how The Yield can help.

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