The Yield for apples

Optimize your orchard’s productivity with predictive analytics


Getting better apple thinning results at a lower cost
Better crop load management planning
Improved management of pest and disease with better spraying practice
Mitigate weather-related risk such as frost, heat stress and sunburn of fruit
Support move to data driven rather than experience-driven decision making
Case study

One of New Zealand’s largest integrated grower, packer and exporter of apples

The Yield’s platform was deployed combining the apple company’s standard operating procedures with microclimate predictions to deliver more accurate thinning recommendations.

Users access their on-farm recommendations via The Yield’s mobile app to improve packout rates by focusing on:

  • More effective use of thinner to get the right fruit set; the efficacy of chemical thinning products is very weather sensitive
  • Improved management of pest and disease
  • Mitigation of extreme weather risk such a frost, heat and sunburn
“First thing I do each morning is check the app to see if it’s compatible for spraying today. If it isn’t, I’m checking if it’s ok for tomorrow. This year our thinning results were the best in 30 years. The accuracy of the weather forecasts has really helped with planning.”

Orchard Manager

Microclimates matter

Your On-Farm playbook recommendations can be run using standard weather forecasts or we can add a weather station with our AI-driven hyper-local weather predictions. Adding weather stations and using microclimate predictions in our platform, you can increase accuracy for areas that have unique climates, such as hollows or land adjacent to waterways, which have greater frost risk. For example, in a trial over 100 sites, there was an increase of 47% in safe spray windows giving more time for operational teams to get critical sprays done. Because we can tell customers the uplift for their operational decisions of using either standard weather forecasts vs. using microclimate predictions, they can make a cost-benefit decision on if and where they want to add weather stations and sensors.

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