Precision agriculture starts with precision yield management

What is The Yield?

The Yield’s Precision Yield Management (PYM) platform curates your farm, block and weather data within a unified data model, allowing you to get value from putting your data to work and making it analytics-ready. The platform is purpose built to be open so you can integrate all of your data in one place and make sense of it, no matter where your data resides.
Improve quality

Hit quality targets, improve profitability

Increase productivity

More productive and efficient people, machines, fields and processes

Improve predictability

Accurate yield forecasting, while reducing uncertainty for planning across the value chain

Improve decision-making

Support data-driven action for increased confidence, accuracy, consistency and efficiency in decision-making for people off-farm and on-farm

Improve sustainability

Reduce natural resource input use and waste across the supply chain

We make it easy to codify your processes and get your data analytics-ready.

The Yield’s solution consists of a unified data platform; a web-based analytics portal; a mobile app; a library of advanced AI/ML data models, customizable on-farm playbooks and business intelligence dashboards; and professional services to ensure your success. It layers non-disruptively into your existing environment.

Everything is designed to work with your current data, systems and processes — and support your ongoing digital transformation.

Precision Yield Management Platform

One place for all your data

Designed to be open, The Yield's Precision Yield Management platform integrates all your farm, block and weather data into a unified data model from whatever sources you have – spreadsheets, farm management applications, ERPs, remote sensors, machinery, robotics – making sense of your data no matter where it resides.

Data-informed decisions yield better outcomes

From planning and planting, to harvesting and processing, The Yield securely delivers highly accurate, data-driven insights to both a web-based analytics portal and mobile app, giving your teams portable decision-making support via smartphone or tablet.

Precision Yield Management Platform for Speciality Crops: How it Works

More precision. Your choices.

We source and combine the best weather for your location and your budget
Global gridded weather
Government weather station network
Private weather station network + The Yield’s microclimate predictions
Your weather station + The Yield’s micro-climate predictions

Never again be weather-blind

The Yield’s Precision Yield Management Platform (PYM) organizes your data in a standard model and layers in weather and climate so you can:

  • Build on what you have
  • Become climate-change resilient

It’s like insurance for your crop.


What if you could see ahead earlier and more often to do things differently?

The Yield deploys highly accurate yield prediction models for yield quantity, quality and timing in a range of crops.

Our models are weather-responsive and can up be updated daily throughout the season.

Mobile App

Microclimate-informed recommendations at your fingertips

The Yield’s mobile app delivers On-Farm Playbooks tailored to individual crop needs and codifying your best practices. It acts as a unified source of knowledge, ensuring seamless collaboration among dispersed growing teams. Through customizable pre-configured templates and adjustable recommendations, growing teams can better manage crop load, crop protection, spray scheduling, irrigation and harvest planning. The app’s six-month forecasts support longer term planning.

Simplifying complex calculations, the mobile app offers growth stage-specific recommendations, facilitating well-informed decisions. It integrates comprehensive weather data, including microclimate predictions from weather stations, making recommendations more accurate. The system evolves with your business, providing increasingly valuable insights

Mobile App: How it Works

Analytics Portal

Readily available data to inform planning

Support your strategic objectives powered by your own data combined with The Yield’s weather and climate data. You can analyze data to give the best possible advice and planning—making it easier than ever to support growers.

Get early insight into how to adjust crop management strategies as the season unfolds.

The Yield’s standard dashboards deliver:

  • Historical and forecast growing conditions
  • Historical yields and our predictions showing deviations from previous seasons and long-term averages
  • Yield data overlayed with weather and at key growth stages and points in the season

Analytics Portal: How It Works

Subscription Library

Single source of truth for best practices

As your business evolves, you can subscribe to a continually growing library of On-Farm Playbook templates, applied AI/ML models, and dynamic business intelligence (BI) dashboards optimized for your precision agriculture needs.

On-Farm Playbook templates provide a single source of truth that allows you to codify best practices and to see all of your sites in one place so you can schedule on-farm activities with confidence.

The Yield does the complex calculations for you and creates playbooks that capture your know-how, helping your teams to make the optimal day-to-day decisions and make it easier for you to support your staff.

ProAnalytics Services

You can secure a dedicated and skilled team from The Yield to work with you to solve high-value problems quickly and cost-effectively. Our ProAnalytics services include development and hosting in your Analytics Portal of customized:
Data evaluation to inform your data strategy
Managed data curation service for all your data to make it BI- and analytics-ready
Applied AI/ML predictive and optimization models
BI dashboards
Crop templates

Why The Yield?

Agrifood businesses are struggling to make accurate yield predictions and leverage the data available to them to improve yield outcomes.

Data collection and analysis methods present inconsistencies or incomplete results and are often difficult to interpret.

This is exacerbated by current modes of technology deployment and purchasing. Disparate apps lead to data silos and excessive time spent trying to consolidate, analyze and derive value from data.

The Yield maximizes accuracy of yield predictions by harnessing all available data plus the power of AI to improve yield outcomes.

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