Our IP is your strategic advantage

The Yield team’s agrifood value chain + data analytics + applied AI/ML in specialty crops expertise helps you get the most out of your data managed by The Yield platform. We combine the IP in our platform with the expertise of our people to ensure your success in becoming a data-driven business. 

Unified data model

Stores, curates and serves data for analytics based on a unified data model making it available to you for business intelligence and applied AI/ML models

Data & insights

Delivers your data and insights to both On-Farm Playbooks and your Analytics Portal


Gridded weather or add supported hardware for more precision

Valuable resource

Cheaper than one IT resource, giving your IT team the resources they need to be more productive

Full picture

Unlike most ERPs and farm management software, The Yield ensures you are not weather blind and are able to capture the full picture

Structured data plus AI to enable precision agriculture

Our data model has been developed based on 10 years of experience in specialty crops

It means we can take data from different systems and stitch it together to make it look the same. This is essential for simple benchmarking through to complex AI/ML modeling.

Proven, trusted AI platform optimized for precision agriculture

The Yield is a commercial-grade AI platform that has been optimized for real-world use cases in agriculture over the past decade. Our AI/ML models draw on data from over 100,000 acres of specialty crops. Many of the world’s biggest agrifood companies rely on our predictions for their day-to-day decisions.

The Yield’s secure, cloud based multi-tenanted technology platform enables the flexible delivery of powerful AI models to agrifood businesses, enabling them to explore granular predictions with their own data and to overlay weather, sensors and remote sensing data. The platform has been developed and deployed in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and leverages the power of the Databricks Lakehouse system as its core data store and the Azure Machine Learning toolset for creation, deployment and maintenance of our AI models. Visualizations in The Yield’s Analytics Portal are powered by Tableau and the mobile application is developed in Microsoft Maui for iOS and Android. The system has been developed primarily in Python and runs in a Kubernetes environment.

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How The Yield is different

Weather-responsive AI models

All agrifood businesses are affected by weather uncertainty. We have deep expertise and patents in using weather in our AI-powered agricultural models. This enables The Yield’s platform to automatically adjust yield forecasts and on-farm recommendations for the impact of weather events throughout the season.

Unprecedented hyper-contextualization

The Yield platform is designed to ensure the insights it delivers are as unique as your business. It delivers predictions and on-farm recommendations specific to your crop, local on-farm weather, the crop’s growth stage, the weather specifications for your agchem, your best practices and on-farm activities.

Dynamic configurator

Your fully customizable on-farm playbooks are built using The Yield’s dynamic configurator, which combines a rules engine with the capability to deploy complex agricultural calculations and models. It makes it quick to configure and adjust thresholds based on your requirements. Recommendations automatically adjust for the local weather wherever you are growing. Plus, it’s easy to get started with our library of recommendations and crop templates.

Transparent prediction

As experts in time-series data, we build your team’s confidence in our predictions by demonstrating their accuracy.

Our platform is like a time machine

We can take 5 years of data, run our models and show you the accuracy of our predictions as if they were made at the beginning of the relevant season. You can even withhold data from your most recent season, acting as a blind trial.

The best weather data

The Yield platform uses gridded weather for all its AI models. It can also ingest data from local weather stations on the farm, field, in the canopy of the crop — and even inside hoops. Using patented technology, The Yield creates ultra-local weather predictions wherever you need them. It’s the only weather prediction product on the market that shares prediction accuracy with customers. This gives your growing teams additional confidence in our recommendations.

Access to data scientists

We help your teams be data warriors. Data and analytics should not be a black box. We pride ourselves on helping our customers build their internal data capabilities using The Yield’s platform. We work with you to build competence in working with data, including giving access to our data scientists. An end-of-season review with your team helps with next season planning and speeds up learning.

No vendor lock-in

Our platform is designed to be open so you can easily integrate other data and systems, including IBM Weather Co, DTN, public sector weather services, Remote Sensing data, Davis Weather Stations and more. We’re continually adding supported data services via our data connectors and APIs. We have developed flexible and adaptable methods to enable data sharing with our customers that meet their needs, capacity, and capabilities. No one company will ever solve all the challenges in agriculture. The industry needs a thriving ecosystem of vendors.

You own your data and what we do with it

The Yield is a leader in protecting agrifood data. Not only do you own your own data when we ingest it, you also own the predictions we make using it. You can be confident your data will not be used against you in the supply chain.

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