The Yield for wine

Optimize your output and pricing from vineyard to bottle


Improve winery intake
Secure supply of grapes and reduce cost of contract growing
Improve on-vineyard crop load management to meet targets
Increase vineyard productivity by improving yields, reducing cost and mitigating weather-related risk
Enable data-driven rather than experience-driven decision making
Case study

Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates has been combining traditional crop data with Al through its partnership with The Yield. The global wine producer adopts a multi-regional sourcing model, with vineyards in the United States Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy. The company produces some of the world’s leading wine brands, including Penfolds, Wynns, Squealing Pig, 19 Crimes and Wolf Blass.

The Yield’s machine learning model leverages 20 years of Treasury Wine Estates data, together with climate and satellite data, to create accurate harvest timing and yield predictions up to 18 months in advance, which are updated every two weeks. The models provide insights based on the current climate drivers, weather observations and forecasts, assisting to create block-specific insights that guide vineyard management plans and intake planning, helping optimize vineyard performance and shape vintage and grape procurement planning.

"The Yield is a key partner for Treasury Wine Estates as we continue to become a data driven business, leveraging technology, platform and analytics to improve outcomes to produce high-quality grapes and increase efficiency."
Ben Harris

Viticulture Manager, Treasury Wine Estates

Get results with The Yield

Accurate yield prediction is key to increasing productivity across the wine industry. Yield forecasts are used to manage activities on the vineyard all the way through to the winery. Traditional methods of forecasting rely on sampling, which is expensive, not done extensively enough to truly be representative, and is typically done only twice per season.

The Yield has developed AI/ML models for yield prediction which have the advantage of being more accurate than traditional methods, can be done earlier and are updated regularly to account for the impact of weather — and because our models are powered by AI/ML, they get better with every year of data.

We have AI/ML predictive models for yield quantity, harvest timing and growth stages. Our predictions are used by different roles in our customers’ businesses to solve different challenges.

Combined with our Analytics Portal and Mobile apps, The Yield gives growing teams the tools they need to made fast and confident decisions, learn faster and adjust their plans for the impact of weather.

The Yield’s AI-driven predictions are as good as your data. The more block history you have the higher the accuracy. Grower estimates are typically based on samples done twice a year, long term averages and/or experience. Grower estimates do improve with time as we see in the graph. The Yield’s models learn twice as fast as people.

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