Sensing+ for Agriculture is a data ecosystem that mirrors the natural ecosystem on your farm. As one of the first genuine end-to-end microclimate sensing solutions, Sensing+ combines world-class hardware manufactured by Bosch with an advanced data platform and easy to use apps. This fully-integrated ecosystem supports your on-farm activities by turning guesswork and uncertainty into evidence-based intelligence.

How it Works

Sensing+ measures data from different points around your farm and then converts this using data analytics and artificial intelligence, before giving you hyper local predictions based on your own growing conditions. Information is delivered via an outdoor-friendly mobile app and a web-based app. 

With this big picture visibility of your own microclimate you can measure critical data points like wind velocity and direction, evapotranspiration and soil moisture. As well as making faster, more accurate decisions around when to harvest, irrigate, plant, feed and protect your crops. Features like alerts and custom threshold notifications can also help you to proactively manage workflows, and reduce the need for time-consuming checks.

At a fundamental level, we believe growers are the best environmentalists for their own farms. We also know that data, when interpreted and applied in a practical manner, has the power to transform your on-farm activities. Sensing+ puts you at the centre of what is going on in your microclimate, so you can make important decisions that impact yield. 

We are deeply committed to the safety of our customers’ information. The Yield customers own their data and we give them control, transparency and incentive to share it where there is a positive benefit to be had.

Sensing+ will be released in Australia in the second half of 2017. We have lots more details to share, so please sign up for Sensing+ product news and release dates here.


We have released our first app for growers and it is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Having been co-designed with growers, it provides information on the growing conditions that are important to you, in one easy to use interface.

The Yield Free Growers' App allows you to:

  • Make on-farm decisions faster by seeing key data points over 7 days at a glance.
  • Includes daily evapotranspiration, rainfall and water balance, plus weekly totals for each.
  • For the first time see today's forecast evapotranspiration, together with today's rainfall, water balance and wind speed and direction in one place. 
  • Automatically picks up your current location as well as storing previous locations. Pick any weather station in Australia. (Currently not available to users outside Australia).
  • The app has been carefully designed with growers to suit their needs. It has a black background so it can be seen in the sun, and an easy-scroll navigation between data points.

The Yield Free Growers' App has been designed to give growers a taste of what is to come with our Microclimate Sensing System for Agriculture, Sensing+, which will provide all these data points from on your own farm. Please sign up for Sensing+ product updates on the home page.


We have been working with oyster growers and industry for the past twelve months on an Aquaculture version of our Sensing+ solution. To date, it has been rolled out across Tasmania and in Pambula, New South Wales, and is already helping growers to mitigate risk and uncertainty from weather.

The Yield's Oyster Solution solves problems like the impact of unnecessary harvest closures that cost the industry millions of dollars every year, as well as supporting labour scheduling based on localised tides and the tracking of food safety. The solution also provides critical data services to help farmers manage disease risk.  

You can hear more about our Oyster Solution in this short video compiled by the CNBC's Catalyst program

Growers using our system now have access to a special 'MyZone' page which allows them to track in real-time the harvest status of their zones. They can also see our predicted salinity and temperature for their zones. Our predictions are based on our artificial intelligence and machine learning capability.

 'The Yield’s technology has the potential to be a game changer for managing the risk to food safety. It improves both our productivity and the quality of service to industry'.

Lloyd Klumpp - General Manager, Biosecurity Tasmania

Our solutions are designed to benefit growers, government food regulators and wholesalers. We make our data safely available through the Food Agility consortium and  Knowledge Economy Institute to allow researchers to create valuable new knowledge centres and outcomes. 

If you would like to speak to us about purchasing and installing our Oyster Solution, please contact us on