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‍‍The future of corporate agriculture is digital

We’re an agricultural technology company on a mission to transform food and farming practices with scalable digital technology

We use real time data and AI to power our technology to solve real challenges at farm level and throughout the food chain.

Our customers are commercial growers and large family-owned enterprises in irrigated crops.

Leveraging our unique capabilities, we integrate data to help drive profits and sustainability, scale faster and reduce risk.

Why The Yield ?

Drive profits

Drive profits

Use our patented technology to improve yields, reduce costs, and achieve better product prices. We help provide real tangible outcomes and drive significant commercial benefit.

Drive sustainability

Drive sustainability

At The Yield, we do more with less. We help optimise the use of farm inputs while reducing the impact on the environment. We help determine optimum windows for irrigation, nutrition, and safe sprays to ensure crops get what they need, when they need it most. This is particularly important for weather-sensitive biologicals which are safer and better for the environment.

Through better harvest predictions, our customers help reduce food waste by better matching supply to demand.

Scale faster

Scale faster

With your growing practices codified in your Digital Playbook, you can scale faster and bring on new growing teams, upskill existing teams or set up new operations. You can also help contract growers and licensors of your genetics to achieve better yields and secure higher quality supply. Our analytics help drive continual improvement for customers.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

With climate change driving more unpredictable weather, our patented AI-driven predictions help to mitigate risk and adjust growing practices to changing conditions. We help growers to protect crops and mitigate risk of damage caused by extreme temperatures, as well as reducing the risk of pest and disease.

We give your team the best available growing conditions data, customised to your crops, as well as real-time notifications based on your company’s best practice and local weather. Everyone is working from the same source of truth - effectively reducing key person risk.

blocks and HAs

+50,000 hectares in high value crops managed
(40x value of broad acre)

daily predictions

daily predictions

% accurate predictions

~90% accurate predictions of microclimate weather 7 days out

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