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Climate resilience starts with hyper-accurate yield predictions

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Precision Yield Management Platform for Specialty Crops: How it Works

The 2023 AgTech Trends Survey results are in: AgTech budgets are increasing

Top investments

Precision agriculture solutions
Yield prediction
On-farm robotics and autonomous systems
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Who uses The Yield?

Agrifood companies

  • Grower
  • Processor/packer
  • Marketer

Ag input companies

  • AgChem
  • Biosolutions
  • Genetics owners

Agrifood software vendors

  • Farm management
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality assurance
“We plan to create digital tools to support the growers of our genetics.”
Farm Input Supplier
“I want our products to perform well in changing climate conditions.”
Farm Input Supplier
“Every day is different. I need to be able to plan for that better.”
On-Farm Manager
“I want to make a difference in our yield outcomes.”
“I want to make sure all our assets are full optimized.”
Processing/Packaging Distribution Manager
“I want to get the best price and reduce waste.”
Marketing and Sales
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