Automating the feedback loop for precision agriculture

Digital readiness level three

  • Unified data standardization and subscription to multiple AI/ML models support operational decisions.
  • Analytics mapped to clear KPIs to guide operations, akin to driving with a GPS toward a defined destination.
  • Businesses at this level are using AI/ML predictive models and automating operations – incorporating field robotics – with data flowing into The Yield’s platform.

“As we look toward the future, innovation is guiding us to create solutions that are not just groundbreaking but also deeply meaningful. It's about fostering a culture with our customers where creativity thrives, and problems previously too difficult to solve before now find a place to be addressed.”
Darren Clarke

Chief Customer Success and Operations Officer, The Yield

How The Yield works with your business at this level

The Yield seamlessly integrates with your business to:

  • Fully embed the Precision Yield Management platform into your business and support a range of on-farm and value chain operations
  • Progressively move your operations to dynamic On-Farm Playbooks for delivering weather-responsive prescriptions to on-farm robotic and autonomous system as data feedback loops are implemented

Data-backed decision making

Start adding optimization models which provide scenarios-based and ‘what if’ prescriptive analytics based on multi-objective constraints such as crop requirements, weather, logistics and fixed capacity constraints in the value chain (e.g. storage, processing).

How The Yield can help your business at this level

We will work closely with your teams to:
Maintain and extend your operational data location hierarchy to greater levels of granularity even down to the individual tree/plant level, increasing the use of real-time data from along the value chain.
Incrementally enable full automation of decision-making, based on optimization models and precision, which adjust for impacts of weather along the value chain.
Enable success with high quality support including onboarding, training super-users, communications throughout the season, and quarterly and end-of-season review meetings.
Collaborate between The Yield and your data science teams to develop your internal capacity to build and deploy AL/ML models.

How The Yield can help your business at this level

Our goal is for The Yield’s solutions to enable you to be a fully automated and precision specialty crop producer powered by AI that continually improves. You will, of course, have a wide variety of vendors contributing to your success. You will be able to make the data held in our platform available to the vendors or researchers you choose to create new analytics solutions. You will attract innovators and researchers with your data assets to keep you ahead of the pack. Your people will have moved to supervising automated systems and be freed up to guide complex problem solving. You will attract the very best minds because they’ll have the tools and time to problem solve and continually drive improvement. You will be able to track commercial and sustainability metrics in real time to continually drive improvement.

At this level, you’re a leader in using data, AI/ML and automation and precision to be profitable, sustainable and resilient in the face of climate change by harnessing the power of data and AI. You know that you need to continually innovate. We will partner with you to continually fine tune your business systems, build your internal capabilities and widen your ecosystem of vendors. You will also inspire our innovation and roadmap as we continue to serve you and the industry.

“Once we can create the feedback loops from field robots into The Yield’s AI-powered platform, we expect a quantum lift in what we can do with AI to drive precision and optimization in food supply chains.”

Ros Harvey, founder and CEO, The Yield

“We have already started the technical journey of ingesting data from field robots – what they do and what they see – into our AI models. We are already partnering with Yamaha and its field robotics companies in our R&D program to get a head start on using this data.”

Chris Mendes, CTO, The Yield

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