Driving data transformation in agrifood

Digital readiness level two

  • Agrifood businesses with data understanding want to shift from retrospective to forward-looking insights.
  • Challenges persist in integrating data from various sources, causing frustration among users.
  • The Yield streamlines data integration, offers AI-powered predictive models and enhances visualizations for better decision support.

“What surprises customers every time is how much data they really have. One of the first AI yield prediction models was built by creating yield history from piecework compensation data. This refers to the data related to payment systems, where pickers are paid based on the volume of fruit they harvested, also known as piecework. Often, invaluable data is hiding in plain sight. You just have to know where 
to look.”
Darren Clarke

Chief Customer Success and Operations Officer, The Yield

How The Yield works with your business at this level

Comprehensive insights for critical operations

  • Our solution provides actionable insights and recommendations to your staff to support planning and operations for high-value activities such as crop load management, harvest scheduling, contracts for third-party growers, spraying, irrigation and more
  • Start delivering predictive model outputs and visualizations for high-value problems, such as yield, harvest quantity, time, growth stages, impact on yield and practices of long- term climate change scenarios

We help you create and deploy crop templates for your On-Farm Playbook through:

  • Codified best practices and crop templates for your On-Farm Playbook are extended and fine tuned based on data analytics and deployment of new models (e.g., move from fixed growth stage dates to dynamically generated weather-responsive growth stage predictions)
  • High-touch support including onboarding, training of superusers, communications throughout the season, and quarterly and end-of-season review meetings

We work with your team to:

  • Maintain and extend your operational hierarchy by crop, site, block and sub blocks in The Yield platform. (Some customers want to start planning to be able to extend their data granularity right down to the individual tree or groups of trees)
  • Add more sensing or scanning data to increase granularity and precision
  • Ingest, clean and standardize data from variety of data sources (e.g., software or data warehouses) for use in visualizations and benchmarking via the Analytics Portal and in predictive modeling

ProAnalytics services can:

Perform a complete assessment

Complete a data assessment of your data assets for analytics readiness including data audit, and data systems audit to create a short-, medium- and long-term data acquisition and curation plan based on ROI.

Manage problem solving through data

Manage a gated process that prioritizes solving high-value problems with lowest cost with your data with the development of dashboards, models and visualizations.

Bridge connections

Build two-way data sharing systems between your software, data repositories and the Precision Yield Management platform.

Assess and predict

Assess the cost-benefit of adding microclimate sensing (weather stations) and predictions to your On-Farm Playbook and models at farm, block, in-canopy or in-hoop.

Build capabilities

Build capabilities among your internal data analytics team.

How The Yield can help your business at this level

Outcomes by the end of Level 2:
You will be tracking the KPIs for your top three data analytics priorities and be able to demonstrate results.
You will have two-way data flowing between the Precision Yield Management platform and your core software and data repositories.
You have extended your codified IP and know-how for growing in the crop template(s) and begun to incorporate predictive models .
Your people will be confidentially using The Yield’s Analytics Portal and mobile app in their day-to-day roles, adjusting for impact of weather events, and be increasingly making data-driven decisions informed by their experience.
Data-driven predictions and insights are delivered to the right people, in the right form, at the right time across your business to help them make better decisions, e.g., from on-farm, to storage, to processing/packing and marketing.
You will have a data acquisition and data curation plan for short, medium and long term based on maximizing ROI, including clear procurement requirement in place for software vendors to ensure you are able to leverage your data for analytics.
You have likely started trials with field robotics, scanning or autonomous systems and are getting ready to scale; in parallel we are testing the ingestion of the data from these trials into the Precision Yield Management platform, testing the feedback loops and getting ready for analytics at scale.
At the end-of-season review your teams are more easily able to assess the impact of their decisions and weather to improve next season’s planning and adjust best practices for the On-Farm Playbook; they will be identifying what-if questions, scenarios and hypotheses they would like to solve with predictive models and data.
You will have a gated process in place to choose which problems to solve from a backlog based on ROIs, technical feasibility and level of effort.

How The Yield can your business get to the next level

You now have moved from looking in the rear-view mirror to looking ahead using predictive analytics. The next step is not just predicting but making prescriptive predictions. This is essential for automating decision making to optimize for business outcomes with greater precision. This will require data feedback loops made possible with the data from autonomous systems and field robots — both what they do and what they see. We will help you get this data into the Precision Yield Management Platform, getting it ready to use, and will continue to use our Vertical Slice methodology to focus on high-value problems. A vertical slice uses all aspects of The Yield’s platform – data ingestion, model deployment, delivery of insights – to provide an end-to-end solution. This creates value faster, builds confidence and gives you the power to incrementally build value at the same time as controlling costs.

“This is where the rubber really hits the road from a technical perspective. We can create AI/ML models and our customers can start understanding from their data what is driving their yields, controlling for weather.”

Chris Mendes, CTO, The Yield

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