Unlocking agrifood data potential

Digital readiness level one

  • Agrifood businesses often have disorganized, unstructured data in isolated silos, hindering its utility.
  • The Yield offers a Precision Yield Management Platform to establish a solid analytics foundation swiftly.
  • Using The Yield’s Mobile App and Analytics Portal empowers teams to make data-driven decisions, boosting effectiveness and confidence for on-farm and off-farm success.

“It’s always amazing when we sit down with customers and their key people at this stage. There’s no shortage of problems to solve and there are many opportunities to use data. The exhilarating part is when data ceases to be the focal point. The minute we get a standardized view of customer operations in place, we can focus on tackling challenges and generating immediate value.”
Darren Clarke

Chief Customer Success and Operations Officer, The Yield

How The Yield works with your business at this level

We work with your team to:

  • Understand what data you have and where it’s kept (software, databases, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Document the three highest-value problems you can solve with data to get the best return on investment

We get your people started with getting value from the data you have by:

  • Configuring your operational hierarchy of crop segment, sites, blocks and sub-blocks in The Yield platform
  • Uploading your historical yield data at the most granular level you have available
  • Overlaying weather and satellite data to match your operational hierarchy across all locations
  • Providing historical reports and visualizations in our Analytics Portal

We help you create and deploy crop templates for your On-Farm Playbook through:

  • Codified best practices that don’t require pre-existing data
  • High-touch support including onboarding, training of superusers, communications throughout the season, and quarterly and end-of-season review meetings

How The Yield can help your business at this level

Outcomes by the end of Level 1:
Created and configured your operation’s geospatial hierarchy, which is the foundation for all future analytics from benchmarking to advanced AI/ML.
Captured and coded your growing know-how in a set of best practices that are being used by growing teams in the mobile app and Analytics Portal.
You will understand which systems and software are storing the data you will need to move up to Level 2 digital readiness.
You will have identified your top 3 returns on investment for data analytics and how to achieve them with a sensible, cost-effective plan and KPIs to track.

Your people will be confidently using The Yield’s Analytics Portal and mobile app to:

  • Make faster, better decisions informed by your best practices and a common source of truth
  • Explore historical yield outcomes and weather across all sites, compares notes, improve planning and learn faster
  • Access historical reports and visualizations

How The Yield can help your business get to the next level

Once you have the Level 1 digital readiness foundation in place, you’re ready to move to the next level. We use a Vertical Slice methodology to deliver solutions to high-value problems. A vertical slice uses all aspects of The Yield’s platform – data ingestion, model deployment, delivery of insights – to provide an end-to-end solution. This creates value faster, builds confidence and gives you the power to incrementally build value at the same time as controlling costs.

“We love working with customers at this level — getting the data they have in one place and making it accessible. It’s like getting a new pair of glasses. Suddenly you can see all the things you’ve been missing. We focus on delivering quick wins and building confidence.”

Ros Harvey, founder and CEO, The Yield

“Digital enablement projects at this stage often result in great user benefits with relatively low cost and low-risk technical changes. Our platform makes it easy.”

Chris Mendes, CTO, The Yield

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Wherever you are on your data transformation journey, explore how The Yield can help.

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