AgTech Trends 2023 Survey: AI, Automation and Data Analytics in High Demand

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Posted on December 12, 2023

Global Agtech Initiative | December 9, 2023

The AgTech Trends 2023 survey, sponsored by The Yield, unveils a significant shift towards digital transformation in the agriculture industry, according to iGrow News. However, challenges in data utilization and actionable insights persist. The survey, involving 807 U.S.-based agribusiness professionals, provides a comprehensive insight into the industry’s current state and future trajectory.

AI and Data Analytics: The First Trend In The AgTech Trends 2023

The survey reveals a strong consensus on the transformative impact of AI and data analytics in agriculture. An overwhelming 90% of respondents anticipate these technologies will drastically change agriculture jobs within the next five years. This anticipation underscores the sector’s readiness to embrace AI as a crucial element in future developments.

Challenges in Data Utilization

Despite the advancements, 92% of respondents find it challenging to improve on-farm activities with the current data. This highlights a significant gap in the effective use of data for enhancing agricultural practices.

Investment in Automation and AI

The survey indicates a growing trend in investing in on-farm robotics and autonomous systems, with more than half of the respondents planning to increase their investment in these areas. This investment leads to precision agriculture, enhancing yield prediction and estimation accuracy.

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