How Vegetable Growers Can Add Some Order to Their Ag Tech Tools

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Posted on November 3, 2022

By Thomas Skernivitz | September 7, 2022

Digital Playbook and Harvest Predictions (The Yield)

Australia-based The Yield transforms food and farming practices with scalable digital technology. Using real-time data and artificial intelligence to power its anchor products, the company’s Digital Playbook and Harvest Predictions provide U.S. growers with blueprints on how to grow crops more profitably and with less environmental impact. The goal? To scale their businesses faster and reduce risk.

Customers include large-scale growers, processors, and marketers who typically have data assets and historical records that can be put to work in The Yield’s analytics. Only in the U.S. market a few months, The Yield is onboarding one of America’s largest in-field tomato growers for yield predictions, the company says.

Growing protocols are codified into farmers’ unique Digital Playbooks, which match their genetics with growing practices. The technology automatically adjusts for local growing conditions and different growth stages for the crops that customers are growing, The Yield reports and then converts these insights into easy-to-use apps with recommended activities and traffic lights showing the applicable risks.

“Our Digital Playbooks deliver highly accurate crop predictions and recommendations for spray, harvest, and irrigation; or to mitigate the risk of pest and disease, or extreme temperature events, such as frost or heat stress,” Ros Harvey, Founder and CEO of The Yield, says. “We combine our powerful analytics with our customer’s know-how and automatically adjust recommendations for local growing conditions across our customers’ sites. Our customers can then easily configure the recommendations to meet their operational requirements.”

The Yield’s technology solves for the problem of uncertainty created by weather. Using the Digital Playbook with patented microclimate data, the company reports to have demonstrated a:

  • 57% reduction in water requirements
  • 47% increase in safe spray windows
  • 150% better extreme weather event identification

“Companies in our industry are continually looking for ways to do more with less,” Harvey says.

“As a digital transformation partner using data and AI, this is where The Yield can help — to grow and distribute crops more profitably and with less environmental impact.”

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